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Federal student loans and disability

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Around 2003-ish i went to school and took on a federal student loan of $10,000. Sadly that schooling did not help me with getting a decent job, so i continued with my low paying jobs, and now a sizeable debt. I was never able to pay on the debt as i lived check to check, and was even homeless for a few years. In 2009 i moved to another state, where i ended up having health issues and going on disability. During that time they removed a portion of my disability for payment towards the debts. My disability eventually went out and now i was finally approved for disability again, and here they come wanting 15% of my income from disability.

It's been years since i've had any income and even when i had disability previously i was always broke, so i'm hoping to finally get things i have needed. I find dealing with all these things a bit overwhelming, and don't feel i can rely on random options that pop up through internet searches. Are there any options?

The letter i received indicates Student Loan Borrowers with Disabilities, yet that seems to suggest a permanent disability. My disability isn't permanent, but the time is indeterminate (according to doctors). Even when/if i'm able to eventually work again i'll be mid to late 40s with no work history for 10+ years and in low paying jobs, so i'm hoping to find a way to get the debt erased.

I'm aware i could call the number, but having anxiety/depression makes it difficult for me to go into such situations blindly, so even if anyone had more details on the Borrowers with Disabilities that could be a help, if it's still an option.

As you can see, all this rattles my brain, so any advice, suggestions, help, etc... would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are not permanently disabled then you cannot qualify to get your student loans forgiven. Temp disability does not count. Also, student loans are government debt, they can garnish SSDI/SSI, even if it does not leave you enough to live on.

Sorry I don't have a better answer for you.

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