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Hey folks! 

I have two accounts in collections with Midland Credit Management. The OC is synchrony bank for both accounts -- an amazon card with a balance of $834 and a walmart card with a balance of $1101. I received a final notice from MCM a couple weeks ago in regards to my $834 account stating that this would be their final communication before "transitioning the account to the attorney review process". I called MCM three times over the last week offering to pay 65% of the balance but they will not budge on anything less than 80%. My DOFD is 10/2017 so if i'm correct, agreeing on a number and paying it by October of this year, they will delete the account on their end per their new policy. 

However, all of the people I spoke with would not accept less than $667. The date at which I need to reply to their letter is tomorrow 3/13. What should I do? I have never myself seen a DV from them, but i'm assuming they have sent it at some point and I missed it in the mail or something; I'm also assuming its too late to send them a DV request? Do I try to send a DV letter? Do I send them the same offer for 65% via CMRRR? Suck it up and pay the $667? (Trying to avoid this... my financial situation cannot accommodate a huge chunk like this right now and would cause a lot of strain in other areas) Or should I locate my synchrony card agreement and wait to see if I get a summons and begin the arbitration process? 

I'm willing to do any amount of paperwork I need to do to get this settled and completely own the fact its my fault in the first place, I'm just trying to make the best out my not-so-great situation and NEVER let this happen again! I'm rebuilding my credit and the 2 synchrony accounts now owned by MCM are my only collections. I'm located in Oregon, accounts were opened in Washington and still very much within the SOL unfortunately as my hardship occurred at the end of 2017.

Thanks so much for any advice or guidance!

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