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want to attempt a collateral attack on a judgment


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So I have a this really old judgment.  I want to file an independent action in equity to set aside judgment for lack of personal jurisdiction.  My main question is where do I file the complaint.  In the same place the judgment is or the county where the debt collector resides?

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I assume you're basing this strategy on Turner v. Pleasant .  If you notice in that case, the Independent Action was filed in the same court that rendered the original judgment.  That court denied the Action and the plaintiff's appealed.

FYI, you have an incredibly high bar to hurdle using this approach, especially on a jurisdictional challenge that could have very easily been reversed on appeal.   The judge in Pleasant was a complete POS.  He's one of only 7 Federal judges to ever be forcibly removed by impeachment, with the House voting unanimously to impeach him.

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