Being Sued by Mary Jane Elliot and Midland Funding

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I have read through many of these forums and have been amazed by the amount of knowledge that all of you possess.  Particularly, "Those being sued in Michigan by a JDB, step by step in Defending"  In that forum bmc100 lists that he has many forms that could be used for my defense.  However, bmc100 has not been on this site since last November.  Does anybody have these forms that could be downloaded to me at daniels3063@gmail.com  This would be so very much appreciated.


bmc100 Posted July 5, 2013

Just FYI - I have a whole library or pleadings and discovery requests on my laptop at home that I would be happy to share with people. I will not tell posters exactly how to use them, but there is a ton of useful arguments or phrased discovery questions that can be repositioned for one's use. I have Answers, Affidavits, MSJs, MSJ Opps, Admissions, ROGS, Doc requests, Letters to Confer, Offers to a Stipulated Dismissal...etc.

If one would like me to email them, please do not PM me, but ask for them on your threads. I will see your posts.


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I would take advice given here in 2013 with a grain of salt. Times have changed. If you're being sued by Midland, the best strategy at the moment is arbitration. Read the first few posts of this thread for more info. 



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