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Denial of debt.


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guys im getting paper work ready. Almost finished arbitration motion. Im still wondering about answering the complaint. In Alabama a motion can be filed instead of answer but i was wondering if i need to do it anyway. They state i owe a certain amount and im afraid if i dont counter that with a denial of  that amount i might get stuck later. I had several billing disputes with card company while i had it. They would raise my amount,at one time by 1k or more, and i didnt use it. They would take it off and later do it again. So i told them to cram it and now im here. so i really dont know if thats correct amount or not. Thats what they have on last bill but still doesnt mean it correct. What you guys think?

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18 minutes ago, WhoCares1000 said:

You can file both a motion and an answer. In the answer, deny everything except your name and address and for affirmative defense, state lack of jurisdiction due to arbitration clause.

I read somewhere that if you deny the debt then judge can deny motion. Like if you dont own the debt how can you file a motion. Little confused on that one. 

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2 hours ago, THELEGEND said:

Like if you dont own the debt how can you file a motion.

Arbitration only works if you are a party to an arbitration agreement. If you deny ever having an account with ABC Bank, if true, that means you can't be a party to the agreement. 

The way around this is to deny owing plaintiff specifically.

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