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Best Approach for Disputing Re-Aging?

Guest Chseb

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Guest Chseb

It's been a few years so I decided to check my 3 credit reports. I was surprised to find out that a 12 year old collection account has obviously been re-aged. I remember disputing it several years ago with no luck. So I'd like to know wha the best approach for this sort of dispute is.

It's from a private student loan I took out with Education Finance Partners (EFP) back in 2007 for approximately $50,000. EFP was part of a huge scandal in NY and were fined 2.5 million dollars and filed for bankruptcy in 2009. My loan was then sold or given to Loan Science who has been "servicing" it ever since and reporting on my credit report. 

The strange thing is that now, it's reported as a collection with a $0 balance. It states that the amount was paid in full. I never made single payment on it. Not once. Nor did I put it in any type of rehabilitation program. I simply ignored it all these years. It's been 12 years since I've had any contact with this account. 


Here are a few details:

It's being reported by all 3 CRA's as a collection with $0. 

All 3 CRA report a DOFD of some time 2015 and a date opened of  some time in 2007.

Also, all 3 CRA report something a little different. For example, on my TU report, it states that my last payment was 08/2013 and that the DOFD is 10/2015. I HAVE NEVER MADE A PAYMENT THOUGH! The TU report also states that it will be removed 03/2020, but I don't want to wait that long and besides, I think the continue to re-age it every year because I distinctly remember seeing that it was supposed to be removed already on a previous report. 


Now that the SOL is clearly expired, I'm surprised to see that it's even on my CR.


So my question is, should I dispute it with he CRA first, or go directly to the CA?

I've included attachments of screenshots directly from TU. 





Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 5.51.29 PM.png



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