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How to defeat credit card statement by junk debt buyer

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Guys i was served for an account with synchrony through rausch sturm,etc. I know synchrony has a good arb clause and ive been working on that to file with general complaint. My general complaint i added affirmative defenses. 1 was a motion to compel arb. and the second was lack of standing to sue because i dont owe jdb anything.  First should i include those defenses with the answer to complaint or not (ALABAMA)..... Im also working on my defenses in case motion is denied.  Rausch sturm sent me one statement with final amount on it ,along with name and last digits of account. Im sure they have more statements but thats only one they sent. My question is can i object to that statement as "hearsay" and ask for witness,since i cant cross examine a paper?

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