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Paying a settlement


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Greetings from the Great Republic of Texas! Been doing some searching about how to go about paying a settlement. The search basically led me onto these forums. 

Onto the main part. I pretty much negotiated a settlement (Lump sum) with a judgment collections agnecy, got it in writing, read over it and decided it was legit/what We discussed, sent it back signed, they confirmed they received it, got them to send me a copy of it just to make sure,  and now I’m wondering how I should go about paying the collection agency. Check, debit card, money order, prepaid debit, certified mail?

Hopefully y’all have some insight on what way I should approach the situation. 


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On 4/18/2019 at 11:24 PM, LaneBlane said:

I would never provide my banking information or credit/debit card details to a collection agency.  If it were me, I would send them a certified check from my bank.  I'd also add "payment in full" language.

With a signed settlement in place, I don't think writing "payment in full" on the check means anything.  However, I would definitely send a bank check and I would send it to them certified mail with return receipt.   Also, assuming your negotiations were done through email, I would email them to let them know you mailed the check on XX day and provide the certified mail number to them.

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