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Medical Bills from 2008 & 2013

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A friend of mine used this website when he was clearing up his credit a few years back and said that it would be a good start for me. 

I have some medical bills from 2008 & 2013/2014, that I didn't even remember incurring. Pure oversight on my behalf. They never appeared on my credit report until a month ago. I called the hospital and ask if they were able to lower the amount owed so that I can pay this off, and the only thing they are willing to do it take off 20% if I pay it all at once over the phone. Now, I work in the healthcare field and am well aware that these bills were written off a long time ago and the hospital was reimbursed with federal funds. Therefore, anything collect on it would be just "gravy". 

I haven't reached out to the collections agency listed on my credit report as of yet, but I figured I post here and see if someone could give me some advise. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!


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