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My brother called me today and told me he received a Summons with my name on it and his address hand written under my name. The strange thing is the few pages of paper were left in the mailbox with no envelope or postage. I could have him review his security cameras to see who placed it there. It is for a city court in our area of New York it has a hand written date on April 10, 2019 on it and then a time stamp date for April 19th at 11:02AM, and it was delivered today 5/2/2019 to a place I do not reside. Also strange is the Index No: is hand written? This is from a Citibank debt from I believe 6+ years ago or very close to 6 years ago. Says I have 30 day to answer the summons but I imagine I can call City court tomorrow and actually see if it was ever filled. In the past any legal papers have always had a typed index number

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