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Wasn’t served

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12 minutes ago, Kendyl Davis said:

Hi my name is Kendyl Davis I  receive documents from district court department requesting default pursuit and then the next day I receive judgment for plaintiff for payment but I never received any summons or served. What should I do 

I would go to the courthouse and look in my case file.  It should contain a certificate of service that shows how the plaintiff claims you were served.  

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8 minutes ago, Kendyl Davis said:

But if I didn’t receive it or wasn’t summons to court where do I go from there 

We understand that you may not have been personally served.  The court believes you were.  You need to find out exactly how the Plaintiff is saying they served you.  If it was by alternative service i.e. mail or publication you may not have any options.  

If it was to an address that is not yours or not done you need a good consumer attorney who can have the judgment vacated for lack of proper service.

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