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3 hours ago, Harry Seaward said:

Call them and negotiate a settlement.

Just FYI, pay for delete is pretty much non-existent these days, but even if it were an option, the CAs will expect payment in full, so be prepared for that.

Agreed about the PFD. 

My wife had an account in collections when we refinanced our home.  We offered the JDB a choice: either we pay 100% and they remove the debt from out credit report or else they keep in on the report and pay nothing. 

They didn’t even reply.  

It turned out not to make any difference in our loan. 

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13 minutes ago, BackFromTheDebt said:

It turned out not to make any difference in our loan

Yep. Most lenders don't care about collections more than 2 years old, as long as you're clearing 620 FICO. FHA guidelines will let you go as low as 580 (i believe) but there aren't too many lenders that scrape that low.

Unpaid judgments are a different story.

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