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No specific card included on the complaint

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Hey there! I've gotten pretty good at doing this. Been working on my credit and it's been great for about three years, but old items keep coming to bite me in the bum. :)

I've won every case that has sprung up on me, but this latest I put off until the last minute. Like, I need to file my answer by tomorrow. I figured I'd do the usual but I noticed that the summons doesn't mention a specific synchrony bank. So when I go to include the arbitration agreement I don't know which to use. It just says the original creditor is Synchrony Bank. Well, that can be anything. Is there a GENERAL arbitration agreement? I have no idea what this is for.

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Well, better just before the deadline than just after.  


Go through the various Synchronicity agreements online.  As soon as you see a card that seems familiar, make a copy of it and use it to file an MTC 


All the arbitration agreements for Synchronicity are the same.  If they object to your agreement with the MTC, then they have to say which is the correct agreement.  The correct agreement will have the same arb portion.   

I once had a law firm object to arbitration saying I had included the wrong agreement.  I pointed out that the “correct” agreement they included had exactly the same arbitration agreement.  The judge ruled for arbitration. 

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