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My employer has filed bankruptcy under chapter 11 and after a recent appearance I saw the following entry in PACER:

Pending Deadlines Terminated RE: Motion to Dismiss Case filed by Joe Smith on behalf of BigBank; Hearing Held, Motion Granted as Indicated on the Record, Submit Order.

Can someone tell me what the term "Pending Deadlines Terminated" means?

And when taken in context of the entire sentence above does it mean that the bankruptcy has been dismissed? i.e. the bank may now resume foreclosure proceedings on the property?

Thank you



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I would say it means the court had previously set a deadline for something, like discovery or response to an order, and the court determined that deadline is no longer necessary for whatever reason. It appears the deadline termination is related in some way to the MTD. If the MTD was granted, there should be an order to this effect available in PACER. There should also be an order for whatever the deadlines were, so that might give a clue as to why they have now been terminated. 

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