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Desperate need of a credit card user agreement


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 have not posted here in a long time.I had a hearing today for a 15K debt that Citi Card sold to Portfolio recovery Associates.(The usual disclaimer here..Bad year of business medical bills etc and I was unable to pay Citicard actually the first legal issue of my lifetime)Anyway I am trying to remove the case to arbitration (following detail of fisthardcheese arbitration strategy)I had printed off a citicard agreement that  and the judge like and agreed with what it said about arbitration and was ready to to Accept my MTC but it actually does not say Citi Dividend on the agreement nor CITI at all even tho I printed it from Citi Website.He has given me 21 days to come up with the agreement for my specific card and he will grant My MTC.

  Since I have defaulted with Citibank They have not agreed to help me on the phone by Providing me with the Citibank World dividend user agreement from when i had the card(In 2016 they changed the branding to "World Cash Back card") so the exact title Citibank World Dividend no longer exists.So my entire case actually rests on if I can find this agreement.I intend to call citibank 10 times a day and maybe somebody will help me but nobody wants to.If by chance anybody on here has a Citi world dividend or Citi dividend agreement from 2016 or before I will make it worth your time to send me a copy :)

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1 hour ago, Bamaga said:

Citi dividend agreement from 2016 or before I will make it worth your time to send me a copy :)

I found the Citi Dividend World MasterCard agreement that was listed on their website on March 13, 2016.  The copyright date on the document is 2009 Citibank.  Like your other agreement, it doesn't say which card it's for.  Perhaps you could sign an affidavit saying it was obtained using an internet archive for Citi's web page that lists credit card agreements.

Link to the web archive:  https://web.archive.org/web/20160313220204/https://www.citicards.com/cards/acq/cma.do?screenId=13461

You'll find the card under the section titled Rewards.  There's a Citi Dividend Card and the Citi Dividend World MasterCard.


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