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CA Lawyer needed

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Hi, I just discovered this board.  So much great info...BUT-- is there some area where I can get a referral to find a Debt Settlement attorney to represent me?  It seems like there's a lot of attorneys posting here, but how do I contact them?  Thanks!

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Cap1 is a tough nut to beat in court.  Have you tried negotiating settlement on your own?  Typically attorneys don't represent debt settlement - you hire them to defend the debt that often results in a settlement.  If this were a debt buyer lawsuit, it would be one thing, but since it's the original creditor, and Cap1 at that, I'm not entirely sure an attorney would be able to negotiate a settlement that would justify the fee you would have to pay him/her ($1,000-$1,500).

If you still want to go the lawyer route, google in your area for consumer debt attorney.  If you do end up using a lawyer, please come back and let us know how it goes, as much as you can, anyway.  It helps us to know the current climate in various parts of the country.

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