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Is this a Scam?


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This is the call I got today and left on my message.

Hello P......I was contacting you again today in reference to the claim that is being filed in your name I'm notifying you that you were given the opportunity to contact the office but it is your responsibility for handling your claim. I've yet to receive any documents ordering need to stop the previous order location. My call today is to confirm your scheduled delivery location. I'm responsible for obtaining your signature by the end of business tomorrow. I do have two addresses listed one looks to be a possible place of employment which we would like to avoid if possible. For the last time the phone number to contact is ==== If the party is not contacted I have no choice but to continue moving forward with your order of location needing you to be available to provide your signature. thank you. Goodbye.

There is no identification of who it is, who the debt is, etc. Of course I'm gone for two weeks on vacation and my office is closed for the month. But thinking its a scam? Thoughts?


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