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Sued by PRA / Synchrony Bank in PA

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Hello. I've read a lot of helpful information on these forums the last couple weeks. I would appreciate any help I can get for my current situation. Portfolio Recovery sued me for a $1,385 debt for Synchrony Bank / Amazon Store Card from about 2 years ago. I currently live in PA, but lived in OH for 2 months last year. The court they file the case against me was an OH court. The court paperwork went to my mother's house. I answered immediately. PRA (their lawyers were Javich Block) saw that I live in PA. They called and said they were sendning in the paperwork to dismiss the case because I live in a different state. They did, so now I have a little more time to work on this. My guess is that I will receive something from a lawyer representing them in PA soon so I want to be prepared.

I've worked really hard to repair my credit the last year. Right now the only negative mark on my credit is this one with PRA / Synchrony. I am hoping to buy a house in about 4-5 months.

Should I try to settle for around $400-$500 and have it show on my credit report as "Paid as Agreed" or try to have it deleted? Or should I go the arbitration route if they take me to court again? I am intrested in the arbitration route, but I want to do what is best for my credit.

Thanks for your time.

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