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Recieved Final Pre legal Notification From Midland


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So long story short. I fell on really hard times at the end of last year job loss for a few months. I had stopped pay my credit cards.

once I found employment some creditors decided to help me out and some did not. Hence, I have been receiving letters from Midland for the

past two months about a Synchrony Bank ($4,000) account that was charged off in January of this year . Last week I got a Final Pre Legal notification stating that they are moving my alleged account to an attorney review process.

From this boards experience with them how long before the sue? I would rather resolve this before it gets to court as I have no experience in legal affairs.How much would they typically settle for?



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How much do you want to pay?

 If the answer is $0, go the arbitration route.  None of us had legal experience before getting sued.  We learned arbitration and won.  Now we can teach you how to win without having to become a legal eagle, and without you having to reinvent the wheel.  

If the answer is more than $0, send them a letter that you are electing arbitration, but would be willing to settle for $X.  

If they accept, get documents drawn out and pay.  

If they make a counter offer, either pay it or fight it.  

If they ignore you and sue, then you pretty much have to go the arbitration route. 

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