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Is there a lawyer in the house

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I've been sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates and I have a trail date set for in the morning at 9:30am.The case was granted Mediation but I was never contacted by the Plaintiff in regards to the mediation.  I just went into the case information through the County Courts office; the Plaintiff requested a Motion for a Continuance on August 1st. The Motion was granted yet no presiding judge signed the granted motion. Also the documentation has a time stamp of August 2,2019 4:12AM on all presiding unofficial documents I printed out. It was also stated that a certified copy was mailed to me on August 1, 2019; I haven't received anything from them.  Am I being scammed or is this legit? I will be showing up anyway to court in the morning; this seems like a way for the Plaintiff to win an automatic judgement should I not show. Should I ask for discovery and have to refile my initial answers again with the courts? This is working my last nerves... please help a lost sheep!!!!

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If the judge did not sign it then it was not granted.  It is most likely a proposed order that was included with the motion in hopes of it being granted.

You cannot wait until the day before your court date and expect to get any help.  Besides being out of time, without knowing what court it is in, what law firm filed the suit, the amount sued for, what "evidence" they have etc. there is no way to formulate a defense. 

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