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Ken Cetinich

injustice practices

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There trying to collect a debt from 97 in which the firm bought debts from Providian Bank a visa and claims I owe over 7K on it. Were talking 22 yrs ago the sharks already levied my checking accts 3x and took 700$ they are relentless to get money unethically. Their strategy is to send certified mail of the subpoena for civil court so if you don't get it they win the judgement automatically by default. Most cases are won by them through this same way not to mention the firm has a relative on the civil court division related to the lawyers. So on 3/15/96 I filed bankruptcy in Newark NJ and was granted a chapter 7 status when i proved hardship and owed 30K in credit cards so what creditor in their right mind would give me over 7K less then a year later after declaring bankruptcy the card was a 500$ visa they had mailed me and i exhausted it so when Pressler bought this debt how did $7000 get tacked on it and cant show me charges of this amount scammers and extortionists its beyond my comprehension how the firm still has a license to practice in NJ with all these complaints and the government doesn't investigate them and don't take action against these con artists!!!!

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