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2nd Pre-trial conference, SOL expired, Need to pay in full or settle?


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Confused on how to proceed.  SOL expires before 2nd pre-trial.

Being sued for an old medical debt from June 2013.  At the 1st pre-trial conference they provided me with all the correct validation:  Charges inquiry, Signed treatment agreement and assignment of debt.  Told me to verify it for accuracy and they would schedule a 2nd pre-trial.  Principle balance is $2009 plus interest and court costs the total is $3550.  They offered to let me settle the debt by just paying the principle balance and waive all other costs.

Is that a good deal or should I settle for less?  Does it matter that now the SOL has expired?  Not sure what to offer.

Thank you in advance.

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The only way the expiration of the SOL would matter would be if they decided to dismiss the case and that does not sound like it will happen.

Looks like they have all the paperwork needed to win their case. In that case, a settlement for the principal and them foregoing interest and court costs is probably the best you will get.

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