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Dealing with defaulted card with BofA when they are your primary bank?


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First hello, been a while, I got A LOT of help here before so thanks for that.


I had an $800 credit card with BofA in 2014 and it was defaulted/closed. I had not heard word of it/didn't show up in collections that I recall but now out of the blue(2019) it shows up in their web/mobile interfaces. So right under my checking account, there is this card.

The balance went up to just over $1,100 not terrible.

My concern, the last payment on it is from 10/2014(SOL?)

It has apparently been assigned to NCB Management Services, I guess they're a do-it-all servicing company(debt collector?).

So I'm wondering if I was to be proactive about this, what should I do? I mean visually the accounts are next to each other but probably operate under different "branches".

It just concerns me because I have regular ACH deposits with them. So can't they reason that I am employed/could pay. I am interested in paying, however my concern is if the balance skyrockets for whatever reason.

It's also annoying seeing it there in my face(bravo to them). But I also think maybe "they were nice" for not suing me.

It has not shown up in collections/reporting. So I don't know what exactly it means that it's there all of a sudden/assigned to NCB.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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In general, it is not a good idea to have an account with a bank with which you have a defaulted account.  

Sometimes they will just take the money out of your account to pay the debt   

Your case may be an exception if you have untouchable sources of income.  Or it may not be an exception.  

Will BoA snatch your money?  Maybe not.  

Are you willing to take the risk?

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That was a concern regarding taking money out. My deposit just hit and it didn't get taken.


I'm just wondering like I don't mind them as a bank(except the savings account that costs $5/mo), so to address this I should talk to their collections company? I'm not even sure if it's in house. My main concern is doing something dumb where the debt becomes more than it is already.


I'm banking with them because I was marked on Chex so I couldn't open other checking accounts. I had to pay them back to get to 0.

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3 hours ago, Goody_Ouchless said:

Looks like SQL is either three of five years, depending on whether they call it "open" or "written."



1 hour ago, fisthardcheese said:

There is likely nothing they can do since SOL is probably up, depending on the month in 2014 you defaulted.


Well I was wondering about SOL because when I try to find the year for my state(Kansas) and card was defaulted in NY, I get varying numbers eg. highest I think I saw was 6 years.

Last payment was 10/2014, I guess that doesn't mean that is when it was assumed defaulted. According to credit karma it was closed 1/2015

Maybe it showed up because it's getting near SOL? I don't exactly have a G to drop but if it was a problem I could figure something out. I suppose I could change banks/close this one.


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update from 03/01/2020

So I did pay this, the money was immediately taken in the same day, works for me the anti-conflict guy

The notice finally goes away, but I don't see anything different

I'm looking to see if the credit report gets updated about it getting paid in full but probably not

Maybe it was a waste since last payment is almost 6 years ago by this date so I don't know

But what a good tactic

update from 03/16/2020

Well they did report on it in a positive manner.

TransUnion said "Improved Account BofA" and my credit score went up a few points(I think just because of drop in balance) so it seems that's what I need to do is reduce my balance(probably 80-90% is student loans) so not sure if that's going to count, otherwise the outstanding/defaulted credit cards seem to be counted regarding "active balance".

Well it does include my student loan balance so I guess bringing that down will help my score, seems to anyway. Will post updates. I want to pay back the outstanding stuff, particularly the ones that are still owned by the actual companies "because I feel bad" but I also don't know if there's any purpose.

[initial post below]

So just as a follow up/context proof for future readers, this is what I mean by "it's in my face"

Just for kicks, I clicked on this "make payment button" thinking there it is, acknowledged the debt, house will get raided and I will get forcefully acquainted.

I will pay it, I mean why not, although as I mentioned I don't have the chunk of money, but idk.

It clearly says "I can't get sued" so... we'll see if it holds up in court/prison yard.

I also am going to start a new job(provided my past history/decision does not hinder my future) and I decided to only give this account a percentage of my income.

It's annoying there is this recurring transfer to my other account from this account that I can't figure out how to turn off(can't find it in their interfaces) I set it up but yeah.

A few times I've had overdrafts because I could not stop it and I didn't have the money.





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