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CA Refuses Disclosure on Call Backs


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Hi All,

I'm noticing these days that collection agencies refuse any type of meaningful disclosure without obtaining sensitive personal information from you if you miss their call and call them back.

The pattern I see now is dozens of calls, no voice messages ever left.  If you call back and identify yourself by full name, they indicate they require your birthdate or SSN in order to provide any meaningful disclosure as to who they are calling from, on behalf of, and why.  

I don't remember CAs doing this in the past but understand their logic in doing so.  It creates quite the conundrum in today's day and age of identity theft unless you wish to recite your sensitive personal information to an unknown caller in order for them to even tell you why they are calling.

Wondering thoughts of the good members of the forum on this and whether it could possibly violate statutes governing meaningful disclosure.

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I think what they are trying to do is stay on the right side of the FDCPA rule where you cannot inform any 3rd party as to what the debt is.

That said, I refuse to give information like that so my comment to them would be that since they are not telling me what the call is about, I request that they cease and desist calling me until they can tell me. If they continue to call and demand the information, use the phone number to get the company name and address and send a cease and desist letter. Note that if you cannot find the company name and address in a google search based on phone number, odds are, they are a scammer and never give them any personal information.


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