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Served by Midland funding in Washington state

Guest Seanrudy80

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Guest Seanrudy80

Who is the plaintiff?  Midland Funding LLC as successor in interest to CitiBank

What's the name of the Law firm?  Gordon, Aytworth & Tami P.C

How much is owed?  $4021.46

Who is the original creditor?  CitBank/Best Buy store card

How do you know you're being sued?  A guy delivered a Civil Summons to my home

What state and county do you live in?  Kitsap County, Washington

What is the last date of payment?  11/18/2017. However, the account is showing a payment made on the 6th of this month, and one in June. It is wierd because i  havent made any payments on that card since 2017

What is the SOL on the debt?  6 years

Have you disputed the debt?  No

Did you request validation?  No

How long do you have to respond?  18 days now

What evidence is included with the summons?  An affidavit  showing: Balance owed, Account opened, Last payment made, Charged off 

Note:  Affidavit is from Eugene, OR. And yes the lawyer is licensed to also practice in Washington.

I am considering arbitration. It is in the original card holders agreement I had when I had the card, and the case was filed in civil and not small claims court. It's no where near the SOL, but the 2 payments made in June and August have me concerned because I did not make the payments, nor did my wife. Should I try arbitration, or just settle the full amount with Midlands law firm?

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