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If you do not know who the original creditor is, how do you know that it is from 2003? Did they tell you that was when the account was defaulted on?

I have to ask these questions because we need to know if the statute of limitations has run on the account. To know that, we need to know when the account was defaulted on.

If Unifin refuses to answer questions on the phone regarding who the original creditor was (Jefferson Capital is a Junk Debt Buyer so they are not the original creditor) and when the account was defaulted on, demand their address and send a debt validation letter. The Debt Validation letter must have at least the original creditor and amount owed. A simple DV letter states that you dispute the account and demand validation and nothing more. Don't use the ones on the web, they demand way more than the law requires. You need to send the letter CMRRR green card so that you can prove they got it.

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If they are claiming that the default occurred in 2003, then simply send a cease and desist letter. The debt is outside of the statute of limitations for any state and as such, you don't have to pay it unless you want to.

Note that they can try to sue you and you can bring up statute of limitations (as well as a counterclaim for FDCPA violation because they should have know that the SOL ran out long ago). You have to bring up those points however. I doubt that they would do anything upon receiving the C&D letter except send this back to Jefferson Capital saying to not bother.

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