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Did not file response within 20 days (Florida)

Guest balurgo

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On 8/10/19 I was out of town, when a civil service processor working for the Seminole County Sheriff Office visited my residence and served my mother in law with a summons/notice to appear for pretrial conference paperwork.  My mother in law does not live at my residence, has a complete different residence and during that day was checking that everything was ok at my residence,

I understand that any adult inside my residence could technically be served.

But my question/s are the following:

The complaint for damages are made by Hayt Hayt & Landau Pl, who purchased a debt from bank of america. They however represent themselves on the summon as Bank of america.

I never filed my response to answer within 20 days because I didn't know I had a time limit and instead I just appeared to court on Sept. 10 for the set pre-trial. During court I denied all claims and requested  the judge to have the attorney provide me with paperwork, agreement and contracts. I was given a second pre-trial for two month's later.

I still need to file an answer but don't know if by now it's too late? Did I lose the case? Also After receiving the summon, I did send an e-mail and two certified letters to the attorney involved in the lawsuit stating that I don't agree with any of the charges. The email was sent 3 days later, while the first certified later was sent 5 days later and second certified later was sent 15 days later. Could these email and letters count as my response or it had to be done with the courts.

Also the packet given to me did not have any instructions for answering the complaint or a form to fill out. I found out about the 20 days only after researching the internet.

Thank you for all your help, currently unemployed and on food stamps so anything really helps. I wish I would have found this website earlier.

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