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When do you give up?


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 Hello all,

I have a boilerplate request for interrogatories and admissions after a general denial and request for BOP to OC. BOP was provided, but is only about 70% of the account statements. I have had it for a month and haven't had time to deal with it- i have 4 days to answer. My wife had a major surgery so I have been playing mr mom as well as self employed husband, so my time is short. The whole idea of fighting this was just to make time to get the money together- $2800- to settle before a judgment. It's looking like that's not going to happen, financially, so my question is- when do you quit? I'm worried about fighting an OC, racking up bills from their counsel and ending up losing with a lot more hanging over my head than the basic $2800, especially because I can't seem to be able to make the time to fight this properly- if there is a fight to be had.


Just kinda beat down right now trying to make all this work and wondering if I'm barking up the wrong tree. If I continue, all I can think of is to answer their discovery as good as possible without self incrimination, maybe file a motion to preclude anything not in the BOP since they didn't provide a contract and about 30% of the amount owed is not itemized in what they sent... this is all just happening a lot faster than I had expected. My trial readiness is on October 8th, about 2 months after I filed my answer. 

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Oh, no- with everything else going on, I got the date wrong! I was going off when I received it, like an idiot, not when it was served!!! Service says August 15th, so it had to be served by the 19th. 


What do I do? Try to get it done and in the mail tomorrow regardless, or am I just doa on this?!?!?

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