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Midland Funding lawsuit seems stalled. What can I do?

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Howdy from Oklahoma! So, March of 2017 I was sued by Midland Funding for credit card debt. They were within SOL when the suit was filed. The process of service was improper (served at a residence that I did not live at, to extended family) but I screwed up and answered the complaint instead of filing to dismiss. I knew the deadline to respond was quickly approaching and I didn't have much time to do research before filing. After a year, I get notice to appear in court. I attend the pretrial conference with plaintiff's attorney in April 2018 and we go before the judge. The judge asks the plaintiff's attorney about motion for summary judgment. The attorney has filed one, but acknowledges it was not received by defendant as it was sent to the same (ie incorrect) address as the complaint was served. Judge delays status conference pending correct filing of the MSJ and tells attorney to file by the end of July to clear the docket. July comes and goes with NOTHING. I check the court case online and August 30 2018 the case is "administratively reassigned" but it is assigned to "civil special judge" (whatever the heck that is)...

13 months have gone by and there has been nothing further. Still no MSJ, no assigned judge, nothing. I'm at a complete loss as to what I should do now. Wait it out and hope a judge is assigned soon and files dismissal for want of prosecution? Is there even a standard amount of time before a judge will consider DWOP. Should I myself file a motion to dismiss? The SOL expired May 2018, so I don't care if the dismissal is with or without prejudice. It has just been dragging on for so long and I would like to get it resolved.

Thanks for any and all advice.

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