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I have read on this site that there are quite a few people familiar with this law firm. I have not been served yet and would like to get ahead of the process just in case. The document attached was sent to my mothers residence after I moved from CA to UT so the law firm does not yet have my new address. I'm not sure whether to call the law office and request further information or how to proceed. I have no clue what debt that are trying to collect on, how much they are expecting to collect, etc. This debt is in my maiden name also. From the information I have gathered from other threads these people are not nice or easy to deal with.  Any and all advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

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This seems extremely vague.  If this were me, the only thing I would do is search the CA Superior Court for your name and see if any cases come up.  Hopefully CA has a searchable docket.  Also does the collection agency named on this letter show up on your credit reports or have you had any past contact or letters from them?   Other than trying to find this info I would NOT respond or contact the law firm in any way for now.

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First off, I agree with @fisthardcheese, don't contact the law office. You will most likely get a paralegal (and I use that term loosely because they are really trained collectors) who will try to strong arm your address from you over the phone because obviously they do not know it.

In any case, 2 things jump out at me in the form:

  1. I noted that for case number, they said it was pending. I did not think California was a pocket docket state and it makes we wonder if they really filed a case or are just taking a shot in the dark to see what happens. Especially since address change information can be requested from the post office
  2. This leads me to the 2nd thing, your mother should have never received this letter. It was addressed to the station postmaster, not her. I wonder if the post office replied or simply passed this to your mother. If they have not replied, what your they do if your mother simply noted the Moved, left no forwarding address box and sent it back.

Of course, if you did not file a change of address form at the post office, they would not be able to give your new address.

So yes, research who exactly they are trying to collect for and if you do find a case filed against you, wait to see what they do. If they try alternative service, you can answer at that point. Otherwise, lay low and say nothing to these people.

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Hello @WhoCares1000 and @fisthardcheese

I've read your advice and greatly appreciate the responses. I checked my credit reports and their names show up no where on them. They did contact me this morning via my cellphone which I answered because I was expecting another call and didn't recognize the number. When they called they simply asked to speak to "Silver" and did not state my last name. I asked who was calling and they used the law office name. They asked if I had received a notification in the mail, which I denied because I personally didn't receive one and like you stated, @WhoCares1000, that letter was addressed to the postmaster, not my mother. The gentleman on the phone then proceeded to try to confirm my mailing address which I refused again until he stated what exactly he was calling for. He refused to tell me what he was calling for because he said he was "unable to confirm that he was speaking to Silver," and then proceeded to tell me to look for a notification from them in my mail. That was the end of the conversation. I checked my call log and discovered they had tried contacting me before on October 3rd which I didn't answer then and they never left a voicemail. The plan is to lay as low as possible from these people.

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I would think that the court case information for San Diego County CA would be online so I would look on the California Superior Court website for any case information related to you name. That might be able to tell you what this is about without talking to the law firm (and if there is no case information, I would continue to lay low).

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A quick google search shows that BH seems to sue on debts from payday loan or cash advance type places.  Have you taken a loan from a cash advance website in the last couple years?  If so, that might be what they are trying to contact you about.  I agree with just laying low and giving them no information right now.

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