Am I responsible for my wife's debt?

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Here is my situation:

My name and my wife's name are on the title to our house.

The Bank mortgage is in my name ONLY, but of course she had to initial/sign all the finance paperwork also because her name is on the title.

She has about $20,000 in credit card debts with the SAME bank.  The credit cards are all in her name and I am not a signer on the cards.

Her only income is social security disability.  If she defaults on all the credit card debt I know they can ruin her credit score but cannot actually collect money from her.  However, since my mortgage is with the same bank, can the Bank make ME responsible for her debt and cause the mortgage to default also even though she is not the responsible party for the Mortgage and I always pay the mortgage on time?


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Look though the documents and see if the mortgage has an acceleration clause in the event of default with any account with the bank. If there is no clause, you don't have to worry about that.

However, if the bank wins a judgement against your wife, they could put a lien on the house and if the equity gets high enough, they could foreclose to get your wife's share.

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