Multiple Accounts Removed From Equifax

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I received an alert from Credit Karma last week that 29 accounts had been removed from my EQ report. Most of them were old paid off student loans but there were also paid off car loans and an active Discover credit card. In September I disputed 8 addresses that did not belong to me and they were removed. Now they are all back. There are only 3 accounts left that are all more than 10 years old. Of course when I call them I get the excuse that they report what is reported to them but it appears that someone is intentionally screwing with my report in order to make it look bad. I’m 67 years old and have had credit since I was  18. Anybody have any idea what might be going on?

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It could be that combined with your trying to remove old addresses and disputing derogatory info.

This happened with my wife several years ago. I think changing to her married name contributed to her file split, since it seemed to happen not long after that.  It seems to me all she had to do was verify some personal info, and maybe fax a copy of her driver's license to show the name change and they had everything merged back in a week or so. I think the most challenging part was getting the CRA to acknowledge there was in fact a problem with her file. 

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