Credit reporting after psychotic episode/lease break/"eviction"

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Long story short, my boyfriend and I got "evicted" due to some things I did in our building during a bi-polar episode. I say "evicted" because we weren't technically evicted. They sent us a "7 days to vacate" letter with the verbal promise this would all be resolved if we left. I didn't destroy any property or anything like that -- I brought a stranger in and slept in the laundry room for a few days (it's complicated, but my boyfriend had locked me out of the apartment because of my mental state). We always paid rent on time. Now they are saying we owe $44K to pay through the end of our lease term. They have already sent the past three months of rent to collections and I can't afford a lawyer.

Is there anything I can do to get this removed from my credit report? 

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I am sorry you are going through this.  I have some questions that may help the group help you:

While nowhere near an expert on NYC rent law, I have not heard of a 7 day notice to vacate; unless you were behind on your rent, they should have sent you a Notice to Cure for any tenant violation of the lease.

However, it sounds like you agreed to leave.  What paperwork did they provide and/or did you sign?  Was there anything that severed the lease?  Did they indicate that you owned the balance of the lease?

Have you disputed the debt with the collections agency?  The easiest way is to mail a written dispute to the agency, stating simply that you dispute the alleged debt and request verification.

In terms of getting it off your credit report - I only know of two ways:  you dispute it with the credit agency as inaccurate or incorrect and they agree to remove it, or if you pay the debt.




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