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Served today, being sued by Midland in Raleigh, NC

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I'm in Raleigh, NC. Midlad is suing me for $2800 and I just got served this morning. I've listed below what all is in the complaint. I need to file a written answer and I want to get an idea of what I should do ASAP.  I'm super stressed! 

I've been doing some research and the amount of info Midland has compiled for this complaint seems to be way more than most other cases similar to mine. I'm just going to start with an empty cup with you guys and take a breath. I'm overwhelmed, but super smart and willing to put in the work. I feel like I can fight this somehow?  I can spare at the most $500 to get this over with if that would just be easier? Is that even a realistic dollar amount to get a reasonable outcome for this suit? I've got so many questions and need some guidance, even if that just means pointing me in the right direction with other resources or links. I appreciate you guys!

Exhibit A
▪ Synchrony Bank Credit Card Agreement that does not have any personal info of mine on there. 

Exhibit B:
▪ An Affidavit from a Legal Specialist at Midland stating that Midland owns the debt. 
▪ a signed Bill of Sale document between Synchrony Bank and Midland  
▪ Purchase Price Reconciliation/Funding Instructions form (has most of the information blacked out
▪ Affidavit of Sale of Account by Original Creditor signed by a Media Representative of Synchrony Bank 
▪ Certificate of Conformity Under NYS CLS CPLR 2309(c) and NYLS CLS RPL 299-a by an Attorney regarding the Affidavit of Sale 
▪ Field Data sheet (Data printed from electronic records provided by Synchrony Bank pursuant to the Bill of Sale/Assignment of Accounts)
▪my billing statement from the last payment that was made
▪ a copy of a letter that was mailed to me informing me notifying me that Midland Purchased the debt 

Exhibit C 
▪ a bill from Synchrony showing that the card was used
▪ Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Affidavit stating I am not a service member

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1 hour ago, nayfleww said:

I can spare at the most $500 to get this over with if that would just be easier? Is that even a realistic dollar amount to get a reasonable outcome for this suit?

You can get them to dismiss the lawsuit for half of that amount.  Read the first few posts of this thread:


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