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Being Sued by Portfolio Recovery in Texas

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I am being sued by Portfolio Recovery in Texas for 2 debts. I filed answers for both last year by Requesting the production of the following items:

credit application signed by me, an executed contract in PRA’s possession, all statements from the beginning of time until present, details regarding alleged charges, evidence of all payments received. 

My court date was today and The lawyer claimed that he had not received the requests. I sent the request certified mail and was able to prove otherwise. He did come with credit card statements only for both cases. He provided the statements to me and the judge said we could consider that as the answer to my request for production.  however we have a new court date in March. My question is what do I do from here?  

I would like this case dismissed with prejudice because the evidence they provided was not sufficient. What angle should I take to have this case dismissed When we go back in March? 

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