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Lawsuits not served


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I had three lawsuits from JDB's filed against me last year in TN, but was never able to be served.  I was living with my brother at the time and we never answer the door for anyone unless we know them.  Too many salesmen and boy scouts and charities, etc.  We also weren't home a lot from working so much.

The county's court website says 'Not served, NTBF ' on all three (not to be found.) 

One had an alias summons and the Sheriff showed up, but I had moved out by then and my brother told him I didn't live there anymore, so it says "alias not served, no longer at this address"

One lawyer filed for non-suit, but the other two are in limbo, and I am wondering what they will do next.

I moved from one county to another, and they haven't filed anything here yet on this county's  court website.  I haven't gotten new registration or license with this address on it yet, but I did file a change of address form with the USPS.

I keep my eye on both county court websites and there hasn't been a change in a while.



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Realize that as tome point, they can also request that the court allow them to do alternative service which means they can mail the summons and complaint to your last known address and/or do service via newspaper. If they do that, it is the same a being served and you will have to answer.

For the 2 that are active, now is a good time to find the card agreements and see if arbitration is available for those. If so, start learning how to request arbitration from the court so that you are ready when and if they serve you.

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