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Business cash cards report AU?

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I was recent added to a few of my employee business cash cards. The Capital One Park card and the US Bank business cash card. Will they report to my credit bureaus? They did take my social and I can access account information. I'm trying to build credit but it has been 3 weeks now and they still have not shown up. Thanks for your time. 

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In general, if you're not the one responsible for paying the bill, you're probably not going to get a boost in your credit score.  On the other hand, if the fine print in your credit card agreement says "if the primary holder doesn't pay the bill, you will"...you might have another problem.  How financially secure is your employer?

You say these are cash cards?  Again, in general, cash cards are not reported as normal credit cards...you can't use them to charge stuff if there's no money in the account.

Bottom line...these are probably not going to help your scores even if they do get reported.

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Basically, cash cards are a bit different from credit cards. You can’t use them if there is no money in a bank account. Besides, the primary account holder is your employer. So, it can boost his credit score, not yours. I would highly recommend you carefully re-read the agreement you signed. You might get into some unpredicted financial situations and be responsible for your employer's actions. Moreover, sometimes it is better to consult with some trusted experts in this field before signing anything and giving your social number. When I have some questions, I usually get a consultation on https://taxfyle.com/business-incorporation-services I think sometimes it is worth paying for a piece of advice before you sign anything.

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