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One of my guys bailed before AWG


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One of my best guys I work with turned in his resignation because he got that AWG letter, so his plan is to just keep job hopping.


I'm trying to convince him to stay and work something out, but his 60K in student loans keeps going way up.  We don't make much, so I told him he could do that income based repayment until he starts to make more, but he is pretty jaded and defiant.


He says that it takes 9 months to officially default, so his brilliant plan was sending in a small payment every 8 months, but that obviously didn't work.


How long can he stay at his new job before they track him down again?

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They will find him again when he files a W4 with his new employer and the Department of Treasury shares that information with the Department of Education. At the longest will be tax season next year when they can look at his W2s and find out where he is working.

The issue with his so called make a payment every 8 month plan is that technically, even if a payment is made, unless it is the full 8 months of payments, you are still behind and will go into default once you are 9 payments behind.

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