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Received summons from Velocity Inuvestments

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I received a summons from Velocity Investments for a loan with Avant taken out back in 2014.  It was taken out when I lived in Florida for a company that I owned.  The interest rate was 35.90%.  I did pay on it until Sept of 2017 with the loan still had time remaining on it.  The company did not make it and I moved to Georgia.  I was served to pay a balance of $8920  and  $1372 in interest.  I paid a total of $9679 principal and $15311 of interest they said with the payments I  already made on the loan of $18,600.   I never heard anything from anyone, no letters from any collection agency, Avant sent 1 letter about the balance early 2018 and marked it paid in full and in good standing on my credit report.  I plan on sending a response to he court stating i am not indebted to Plaintiff in any amount.  I do not feel i should owe any thing due to it being for  business that did not make it and the fact the interest is way above any normal limit.  I also lived in a different state at the time not sure if that is a big defense or not.  Do I stand  chance on beating this with my defense on my own?  I really do not not to settle with them unless I absolutely have to.  Any recommendations on how to beat them?

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