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For months I have been receiving letters (sporadically) regarding 3 judgements from 2014.  They obtained a default judgement, as I did not receive the documents. I am currently on disability (thus my not being able to pay my credit cards (all Capital One). In the letters there are two payment options, 2 payments for a reduced rate and monthly payments for the full amount. Unfortunately due to my limited income from SSDI neither of their options are feasible for me. I've contemplated calling them but after reading several reviews about Rausch & Sturm, I am extremely reluctant to do so for two reasons., 1) I have read reviews where they don't apply the payments and are able to obtain another judgement allowing them to garnish one's bank account. 2) I know it resets the SOL once you acknowledge the debt. 3) I can't afford either of their options which makes it pointless to call.  I do want to settle the debt but it needs to be more than 80% of the total debt. Again, calling to negotiate puts me in a difficult position should they decide that they don't want to work with me which I have read in several reviews. I've called credit debt attorneys but they want to charge me separately for each judgement which gets pricey fast.  What do you recommend my next steps be? As much I have researched they cannot garnish my bank account because I have my SSDI direct deposited. But I also don't want this hanging over my head because it causes me stress which wreaks havoc with my illness (multiple sclerosis). Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Also, they have started calling my brother even after he has told them that he does not know my situation. 

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