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In June of 2017 I had insurance thru my employer in California. I ended up having to go to the emergency room several times in 2017 and 2018. I owed approximate $12,000 and my insurance would not cover most of it. I signed a payment agreement with the hospital and made monthly payments. Recently the hospital sent me a new payment agreement for more money there was also an error on the payment agreement. I called and asked them to send a new payment agreement. One never showed up so I called every week multiple time left messages and went to their office. It was at this point I was told the account had been sent to collections because I had not signed the new payment agreement. I signed the new payment agreement 2/13/2020 and while I was in their office the patient financial counselor called the collection agency and recalled the debt. Later in the evening I received a call from another patient financial coordinator telling me they were no longer recalling the debt and I could not pay on it. I have a signed payment agreement that was signed by myself and the patient financial coordinator 2/13/2020. My questions are listed below.

Is this legal?

Does the signed agreement prevent them from sending the account to collections?

Also any other advice would be appreciated.

Patient Payment Plan Agreement.pdf

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I'm not sure what to tell you.  

My advice would be to document everything,  Send in the money on schedule, perhaps send the checks certified mail return receipt requested so you have proof the checks arrived by the proper date.  If they deposit the checks, you have a record (the cancelled checks).  Save your bank records to show they actually deposited the checks.  

If they refuse to deposit the checks, you at least have a record that you sent the checks according to the signed agreement.  

That way, if they ever sue, then you have proof that you were abiding by a signed agreement.  

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