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Needing Probate help in Oklahoma

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Hello everyone! 


It's been a few years since I been on this website. Everyone helped me immensely with my past credit problems and lawsuits! 


I'm here today due to the death of my sister and niece who died in a house fire in November 2018.

I've been appointed by my family to handle the final affairs of my niece and sister.  I contacted an attorney, and he want's over $4000 to do the filing, and the estate is under $12 thousand dollars.  My niece left a 3 year old daughter behind, and she was unmarried at the time of her death.


I would like to become the administrator of my nieces estate, so I am hoping that I can file the probate filings myself, so there will be some money left to give to my great niece in a small trust.


I found a few filing forms on line, but I'm not sure if I correctly filled/typed them up or not.


Looking for Oklahoma Probate forms, etc. Copies of probate filings with redacted information would be good as well. 


Can anyone help me out, or point me in the right direction?


Thank you in advance!



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