Credit Card Pay-off?

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Hi all, 

Love this place, ton of great information. Thank you all for all that you do. 

I’ve been working with greenpath for a little over a year now paying down some cards. All of these cards are charged off with balances. I have the money to pay them off (about 13k in total) and was wondering the best way to approach this. 

Should I work with greenpath to pay off balances and try to get the bureaus to report it as so. Or, should I go directly to the creditors and come up with a settlement? Just looking for a little extra guidance as I continue to research on here. 

Thank you!

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Debt settlement companies make their money on amounts they can negotiate with your creditors.  Bypassing them cuts into their profits, so I'm hypothesizing that your greenpath settlement agreement will have something to say about you going around them to deal directly with the creditors.

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