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Message from Pressler, Felt...


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Well, it's been so long since I've been here that I needed to use the password reset.

In 2011 (?) I was sued by Pressler and Midland  - and I lost. For 2 credit cards. 

I was out of work for over a year back in 2008-2009 and ran up CC debt for living (3 cards, total maybe 20K?) Midland sued me for 2 of those cards and got judgments for both (One I fought, the other I think they got summary judgment because I foolishly and irresponsibly didn't respond.

 I still haven't paid them completely.  A couple of times they have emptied my bank account, which led me to hide money, to stay under the radar so I could get back on my feet.

I think I'm back on my feet now somewhat, despite losing everything I ever owned, sometimes suicidal depression...the works. Still kicking
And I believe I have the $$ to just pay them off. Which I've intended to do. A lawyer tried to sell me bankruptcy a few years ago but I chose to work and save. And pay them.

But I haven't been in a huge rush to pay them inasmuch as F@#$ them. (And I had to pay off the IRS too - which I also did)

Yesterday I got a message from Pressler Felt and Warshaw with a # to call, and I haven't called it yet. I don't even know how much I still owe them (maybe $10-15K?)

I am thinking I'll call the court clerk Monday a.m. and try to get info on the judgments but I remembered this site and thought I could ask advice here.

I'm pretty sure I can't be sued for the third CC due to the SOL, so maybe they see my growing bank account and want to take it as well, and they want to give me a chance to pay it without them going through the trouble.

I've been working my butt off, trying not to be overwhelmed by depression or feeling like a failure, which I do, frequently. And I've saved some $.

But this phone message just rekindled those feelings of being crushed.

So should I just call them? As far as I know, I have no other debts to anyone and I can pay this one.
Am I right that I can't really "settle" with them since the court has already awarded them the judgment against me?
I hate this feeling of being afraid to answer the phone, although I don't know what else can really happen to me anymore as I've already lost it all


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