Did Coronavirus affect your court?

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Here's AAA's COVID-19 statement regarding hearings:  "While the AAA-ICDR remains active and operational, no hearings will take place in AAA-ICDR hearing facilities until at least June 1, 2020. In cities where governmental authorities have shut down activities, our physical offices will be closed immediately. Our case management staff will contact parties and arbitrators to discuss alternative arrangements, including the use of video, teleconferencing or postponements."

I have an active arbitration case with AAA that's about to enter the stage where an arbitrator is selected.  I'm curious if the selection process will be delayed.  I expect it will take months for the AAA to clear their backlog when hearings resume on or after June 1, 2020.

My arbitration case doesn't involve credit/debt.  I filed a consumer case against a business for damages.

One way the COVID-19 situation may have benefited me is by taking the attorney out of his office, isolating him from his administrative support staff, and making it more difficult for him to consult with contacts at the business.  (Working from home can also have its distractions.)  A response to my Demand for Arbitration was due last week.  I never expected the business to submit a written response because it's not required.  (In lieu of a response, the AAA would assume they don't agree with my claims.)   The response I received was filled with admissions concerning their business process that I'd actually been combing the company's website and the internet for.  I don't want to assume this was a mistake.  It sure was helpful to my case, though.

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