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How do they figure out where people bank?


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Looking at cases online, Debt Collectors get default judgments, then somehow know where people bank. I don;t see any entries for a judgment debtors exam.


I'm  guessing the debtors kept their same bank account from before the account defaulted and the OC narced on them.  How else would debt collectors figure out where to levy bank accounts?



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There have been a number of threads on this subject, although most were in the "other", now defunct, forum.  

Yes, if you still have the bank account you used to pay them, they will know that bank account.

Realize that things change very quickly.

In the past, it used to be recommended that the debtor clear out his/her bank account before garnishment.  So, if a debtor's exam were scheduled, the advice (esp on the "other" forum) was to truthfully answer all questions, then as soon as you leave the exam clean out all accounts and put the money elsewhere.

It was also advised that local banks were easier to find than non-local banks.  Some people would clear out of their local bank, and put the money in some internet based bank.

Sometimes advice has been given to take out any excess money and spend it, such as pre-paying rent or mortgage for a while.  

I mention this advice is old, and may or may not still be valid.

Note that direct deposits and withdraws make this sort of strategy difficult.  Before clearing out the money, all those things would have to be dealt with.  

There are other options, but be careful.  I know a guy who hid thousands of dollars in some old newspapers around the house.  His wife got fed up with nagging him about throwing away his old newspapers, and, ... I think you can guess the ending of this sad story.  I swear this really happened.  I know the family quite well.  

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