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Desperate for help - Received a Midland (MCM) Pre-Legal Notification


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So to give a small back-story first:
I am in my late 20's. I live in South Carolina. I am someone who is very loyal to my work, so I have only ever had less than a handful of jobs my entire life. I have worked for a minimum of 5+ years at every job I have ever had. I come from an extremely poor family and none of us have ever been very good with money. During the time I was employed at my last job, my father passed away and I ended up having to pay for his funeral expenses, hotels, travel, and etc (he lived on the other side of the country and there was no-one else who could help). I hadn't built up any actual credit yet, so Paypal Credit was my only available option. I would charge these expenses directly by booking / purchasing online or using the cash advance option to transfer cash to my account to pay for these things, with a plan to use any disposable income I made in the future to pay it all off over time. What I didn't count on was that my last boss came under financial strain after business slowed down and ended up letting me go the day after Christmas with no prior indication or warning. Finding a job was a very tough battle and left me unemployed for a long time, which only furthered that debt. The interest on that initial debt piled up until it was a couple thousand more than what it had been originally. I kept trying to pay the minimum for months but I literally had no way to pay my bills, so I accrued even more debt and exhausted every penny I had.
I ended up super depressed and settling for a job that I now make much less at and which pays me barely enough to make my bills. I don't have disposable income at all and on top of it, with the COVID-19 Pandemic shutting down all non-essential businesses, I was unemployed for several weeks with no income yet again. It left me even more behind. I never thought in a million years this would be the situation I would be put in.


I just received a letter (actually two) in the mail from Midland Credit Management. They are dated within one day of each other.
The debt is for the amount of: $7045.33 and the inital debt comes from "Synchrony Bank Paypal Credit".
The last payment date is for July 8th, 2019. The date of default is August 15th, 2019. The charge-off date is February 11th, 2020.


It says,

"Midland Credit Management, Inc. wants to work with you to resolve the above-referenced account. This letter is to inform you that MCM is considering forwarding this account to an attorney in your state for possible litigation. Please pay us at MidlandCredit.com or call # no later than 5/20/2020.

If we don't hear from you or receive payment, MCM may proceed with forwarding this account to an attorney.


We would like to make an arrangement with you to resolve the above referenced account using the following:
* Bi-weekly payments as low as $ continuing until paid (The $ is literally the $ sign, they didn't actually put a number here at all)


These payment opportunities do not alter or amend your validating rights as described in our previous letter to you. Please contact our office at 877-654-1129 by 5/20/20 to take advantage of the above. Once you have completely fulfilled your payment arrangement, you will be released of the obligation. We are not obligated to renew this offer.

Thank you for your cooperating in resolving this matter. Upon receipt of this notice, please pay at MidlandCredit.com or call # to discuss your options.




My question is, what do I do? How do I go about this situation? The 20th is tomorrow and I'm really scared. I've spent all day crying. I don't have any extra money, I don't have savings, and I already live paycheck-to-paycheck. I can't afford to go hire a lawyer or to go to court and have my wages garnished. I will literally be homeless if I am put into that situation. Based on reading posts from other people in the same situation, they don't accept small payment agreements either (I could probably only swing $50-$100/month but that would be if I literally cut something else off like my internet) and I heard they are quite ruthless and unworkable.
I've heard of people saying that asking them for arbitration works but what exactly is that (what would that look like in terms of this situation) and how do I go about responding to this? Does anyone have a template for responding? I've been told not to call and frankly, I'm an anxious person and I'm not very intelligent. I would appreciate anyone willing to walk me through this step-by-step. I'm desperate for help in this and am completely lost.

Thank you so much in advance for any help or advice you can offer me.

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