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Debt Collector - Account Removed from Credit Report


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Hello, hoping for some advice on a situation I have with a Medical Debt Collector. 

Almost 4 years ago, straight out of college, I had an emergency trip to the hospital which long story short left me with $7000+ in medical bills. After being chased around and finally in a position to start chipping away at the debt I entered into an agreement with the collection agency to make payments of roughly $300/month.

Towards the end of 2019 I signed up with a credit repair company and a few months ago they contacted me to say that they had disputed and ultimately had the collections accounts removed from my credit report. It was at this time I started seeing the automatic withdrawals from the collections agency out of my bank account stop. I am aware that by debt could be sold off to another collections agency and the process could start again.. I'm presuming this would hit my credit score?

Any advice on what to do in this situation would be greatly appreciated. I have not spent any of the extra money that would normally go to the agency (yet), it is just sitting in a savings account. I believe I still owe roughly 50% of the initial debt. Should I reach out to the Hospital to try and settle, reach out to existing collection agency, wait for a potential new agency or go and buy new golf clubs?



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