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Thank You BV80 & Harry Seaward--Case Dismissed

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Bench trial held in February 2020. Sued by PRA to collect $8107.11 for a CapOne Cc. Just received the judgement, case dismissed with prejudice. 

Such an amazing feeling it is to learn the law, apply new complex knowledge and defeat PRA. Absolutely could not have done this without the advise, information and experiences found here. Especially thankful to BV80 for suggesting specific Idaho Supreme Court case law. 

It was a hard confusing wasn't until I beat their summary judgment that I began to actually understand what I was doing. Object object object the end 

the court ruled evidence offered by Portfolio Recovery was  inadmissible hearsay and lacked foundation. I think what really sealed the deal was "The billing statements offered in Exhibit 1 lack foundation and are inadmissible under the business records exception". Turns out that even with 902 (11) you cannot upload someone else's business and call them your own. At least in Idaho. 

Big 'ol hug to Bv80 and Harry Seward for donating your personal time here,  answering my questions and pointing me to the right direction. I will certainly Pay it forward.

My husband was wrong, big bad attorney's don't always win.

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Congratulations!  Good job!  So glad we were able to help.   😀  Thank you so much for letting us know the outcome.  

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