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Proof Of Service - Request For Dismissal

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Hello and thank you all in advance. I was in the middle of a pending case for a debt collection lawsuit against me. But, I just recently received an update to the case. I also received a letter with Proof Of Service / Request For Dismissal.

Case Type:  Collections Case - Seller Plaintiff (Limited Jurisdiction)
Status:  Request for Dismissal - Before Trial not following ADR or more than 60 days since ADR

06/10/2020 On the Complaint filed by (Bank Name) on (Date), entered Request for Dismissal without prejudice filed by (Bank Name) as to the entire action
06/10/2020 Order to Show Cause Re: Failure to File Proof of Service and Failure to File Default Judgment Pursuant to (Number) scheduled for (Date 2021) at 08:30 AM in (Courthouse Name) A Not Held - Vacated by Court on (Date)

I would attach the entire letter with all pages. But, I'd just like to ask based on the status update on the courthouse website if this case has been dismissed? Do I have to sign anything and return the letter to the courthouse? This is the first time for me to have to deal with something like this and am completely lost. I can attach the letter edited if it will help to explain in detail. But, thank you in advance for your help.

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It's hard to tell exactly from what you posted, but it looks like Plaintiff never filed proof of service, so the court set an order to show cause hearing to ask why they never filed their proof of service.  Plaintiff apparently realized they made some sort of error (never served you, or the proof was lost, etc) and moved the court to dismiss instead of showing up to explain what happened.  Because they moved for dismissal without prejudice, they can (and probably will) just start over and file a new case against you.

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